Tuesday, January 26, 2010

B L A C K . W H I T E

Wolves - Lauren Nassef
Wedge shoe - Givenchy (To be released 31.03.10 waiing list only)
Hair - Angelo Seminara
The Twilight Zone
Chanel RST10

A D O B E . N O B O D Y

Hmm. I found these photos taken the other week when "the Weegie girls came fur a wee visit". They're off one of those websites of pictures of people on nights out which are then retouched to make everyone look glamourous and like they're having so much fun.
However this one is run by people who have very little knowledge of photoshop. I like the first image, mm very creative, sadly it was probably a lucky mistake on the photographers part. But what the FUCK have you idiots done to my face in the second image!? There are lumps growing out the sides of my mouth.
Am I about to grow tusks?

Friday, January 22, 2010

T E M P T E D ?

I certainly am. How much do I love the suitably named 'Love' dress by Termperley? It pushes all my right buttons -
Figure Hugging
and Cut Out

This combination compiled into one little garment can quite often be a disaster, but the few that triumph rarely turn out to be as beautiful as this. The caged shoulder straps and crew neckline work together to make an elegant statement while the short length retains a fresh, sexy silhouette. The diamond cut outs echo harlequin fabrics and immediately make think of the scenes of the masquerade ball in Peter Shaffers film 'Amadeus'. Please click and watch the trailer!

To me, Temperley's SS10 collection infuses good old fashioned fun, 1930's glamour and up to date style. Proudly presenting Circus chic, Pearly Queens, Show Girl Glamour and some real swell broads.

Oh how I long for long hot summer nights to be able to parade out wearing this and nothing else. This is the dress I imagine myself to be wearing on that night where nothing has been planned, when one thing leads to another and an adventure unfurls in front of me. It's sophisticated and daring charm seduces you and then leads you astray.

Agh snap back to reality! I've been corrupted by a dress! Not only that but Temperley have chosen some of their gorgeous Chilli Red coloured accessories to accompany it. I can feel warmth radiate off that colour! My absolute favorites being the Flying Horse Belt (also in black at £245) and Pyramid Cuff (a very reasonable £125). Boys I hope you're all taking notes as valentines day is around the corner and this should be a pretty obvious hint, no?

An over sized white shirt dress teamed up with any of these four accessories makes a prefect outfit for this summers wardrobe.

Visit www.temperleylondon.com for more from this enchanting collection.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

S U P E R . S I Z E

= super sexy! The V Magazine size issue that hit the shelves a few days ago has certainly raised eyebrows and heart rates. The behind the scenes video at the bottom shows these girls in their full glory.

All images from vmagazine.com


Josh Goot SS10. All images from Style.com

Monday, January 18, 2010


It's calling my name and I fully intend to respond with a one way ticket. 2010 is the year I wave goodbye to the UK.

Carved and stained wooden jewellery and accessories by Good Wood NYC.
Wooden Brooklyn bridge $22

Wooden spray caps $10

Wooden Brooklyn 2 finger ring $30

Wood carved hoop earrings $25


Angelo Seminara.

All images from www.angeloseminara.co.uk

And on that note I'm off to somther my hair in Wella's Hot Oil for Hair.

S A T C 2

G I F T S . F R O M . T H E . N O R T H

Olanic shoes. 1 of 3 pairs made I think.


£95 in Selfridges sale. I have lived in this jumper since the hour I bought it.


Chanel RST 2010 v. 90's sewing pattern

Sunday, January 17, 2010

9 0 ' s

The 90's are back with a vintage! While we partied into 2010 the 90's officially became vintage, reason enough to celebrate alone.

To help big up this gareish decade Selfridges has launched a 90's concept pop-up shop on the ground floor. I love it. A selection of vintage Vogues all featuring Koke Mess on the covers (Kate moss), a hand picked collection of vintage pieces by Prada, Comme Des Garcons, Pucci and Pamm Hogg.

With a little help from their friends what cometh from the east, Beyond Retro and Rellik, filling the rails with 90's clobber and, Work It, making sure the ghetto blaster is buggin'!

Friday, January 15, 2010

N A I L E D . I T

Stop pining for Chanel's Jade Green which is sold out everywhere (it was totally impractical and looked like snot anyway) and start saving for these babies. These launch on the 29th of this month (my birthday). I'm slobbering over the grey and the beige. Yes, Karl loves me!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1 9 9 0

Which 90’s icon are you?
(in true 90's SHOUT magazine style)

1. You are invited to a party, what do you wear?
A) A new dress courtesy of Daddies credit card
B) Something that hides the track marks
C) Pink hair and a bindi
D) Lacroix

2. Who is your ideal crush?
A) Well I was like totally in love with Christian but he dresses way better than me and now I think I love my step brother, eww!
B) Guys in plaid shirts, floral dresses and white sunglasses
C) My best friend
D) My dealer

3. What is your catch phrase?
A) “Dee, I’m Audi”
B) “I found my inner bitch and ran with her”
C) “This shit is bananas”
D) “Sweetie”

4. Finally, what do you want to be when you grow up?
A) Like a lawyer or something
B) Washed up
C) A Harajuku girl
D) In rehab


Mostly A’s – You’re Cher from Clueless
Ditzy, blonde and spoilt yet somewhere is that tiny vacuous shell of yours there’s a heart of gold dressed Azzedine Alaia and Calvin Klein.

Mostly B’s – You’re Courtney Love
You’re self destructive white trash. Your daughter told you she didn’t “mind if you’re a junky or an alcoholic just so long as you’re not fat”. God help you.

Mostly C’s – You’re Gwen Stefani
Once upon a time you were the beautiful awkward tomboy in a ska band be all aspired to be. Today you are just another LA celeb who’s ego has been dislodged from its foundations and now surround yourself with little Japanese girls you’ve named LAMB, which stands for Look At My Bananas, not Love Angel Music Baby as you’d have us believe.

Mostly D’s – You’re Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous
You’re perfect weight is 2lbs above heart failure and your idea of a detox is a bottle of Russia’s finest vodka. You have an elusive career in ‘fashion’ and get laced at parties, in Eddie’s bathroom and generally anywhere.

B A C K . U P

Velvet clutch bag, 99p from Oxfam Dalston

My new Manson & Peason hairbrush and my old one

Light grey Uniform Wares watch

Bespoke gold vintage swallow chain by Annia Yogell, present from Fox

New camera for Christmas