Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miu Miu

Fashion Week is not the time for your only designer bag to break. Merde bitches!

Off it goes to Milan for an 8 week holiday at the Miu Miu rehab. I pushed my bag over the edge and now I'm paying for it.

Sunday Photo Story

Sunday in photos...

Niki the designer modeling the scarf from the show

The van packed full on its way to the venue

Chandelier/sculpture that disguised the projector at VFS

The Olanic girls backstage

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Model Casting

Today I casted the models for the Olanic show, or at least that was the plan. Saw about 200 girls, have about 5000 model cards and no final edit. Saw a few familiar faces which was nice.

It's gonna be a long night...

Mentally Offended

I hate MBT shoes with a passion. I glare at anyone stupid enough to wear these. So when I saw these I could only see red for about 2 hours. I give you... the MBT brogue. (imagine these but brogued)

The picture is shit but so is the guy who was sat opposite me on the bus wearing them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

LFW Video Shoot

Today we shot and filmed some footage that will be part of the Olanic AW09 show at LFW. Really excited about the show which will be an collaborative installation developed by Niki Taylor and Kim Coleman.

It was such a great team to work with, really brilliant people and a lot of fun. It's going to be a really interesting performance at fashion week.

When it Rains it Pours

The weather may be rubbish but the birthday has been non stop.

Thank you to Craig, Rebecca, Kellyann, Gemini, Liz and Maureen.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The lovely people at Marc by Marc Jacobs sent me these on Thursday from the new SS09 collection. Thank you!

I love this jacket so much! The leather is so soft and it almost looks mauve. I need new shoes to go with it though.

This one is a doubled up jersey blazer. A bit over sized but it'll be good for summer evenings I hope.


I met up with Niki Taylor to discuss her label Olanic's AW09 show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season, where I'll be helping out stylist Mhairi Gibb. I love working with on Olanic. It's always quirky and beautiful. I mentioned a while ago that I'd fallen in love with her white fringed leotard and Niki gave me the sample as a gift! Thank you I love it!! I'm buying acid wash high waisted jeans just to wear with it.

But sadly on me it looks like this...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mariah Carey

I love this more than I should...

"Maybe when you're cursing me
You don't feel so incomplete
But we've all made mistakes
Felt the guilt and self-hate

I know you've been there
For me plenty
Maybe still got love for me
But let him without sin cast
The first stone brethren"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yee Haw!

I think I am 90% tacky. For example I love...

white leather anything
leather and lots of it
stone wash denim
clothing from sex shops
stocking tops on show
slogan tees
thigh high boots
chipped nail vanish...

this list could go on for weeks. But this is only to help you understand why I have fallen in love with...

Jakcet Chaps

Riccardo Tisci

i love him...

All from Givenchy SS09

Credit Crunch Couture

Cheap shoes... Yes they hurt, yes you get blisters, yes they fall apart, yes you'll get bunions, yes they're not real leather but I - don't - care!




Monday, February 2, 2009


These earrings were a present from my amazing and talented friend, Vince. They did come in a pair but I've been wearing one while the other is on my wall.

Gap Press SS09

Got this in at work the other day. Japanese magazine. Just really liked it.

Alexander McQueen


Martin Margiela

Sunday, February 1, 2009


After sprinting round central London and getting my mum to help me call every single Office store in the UK I got my boots...

They reminded me of the Doc Martens I used to have as a kid. My fist pair were electric blue with red tartan laces. There were various shades and combinations which came after my first pair that I can't remember now. It also brought back memories of my ska phase I went through when I was about 14. Symarip, The Specials, Prince Buster, my long Chelsea style hair cut. Sadly no old pictures but it looked a bit like the birds from 'This Is England'.

They go with everything! Shiny leggings, my Mohair coat, jeans... Even some of my Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses. I dug out my braces and and Charlotte's leather jacket (which I had up until yesterday on a 2 year loan).

This was short lived. The first night I wore them they ripped. The leather actually ripped from the base of the tounge to the sole. Do I keep them and work ripped as part of the look or do I take them back?