Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wardrobe Spring Clean

All Marc by Marc Jacobs
All have the Marc Jacobs tags on apart from grey jersey dress, blue frill dress and tigra trench coat.
More items not pictured.
Message me for prices.


I've been working overtime in order to make some money. Living without electricity is no easy task. But instead of blowing it in Topshop the day I get paid (like last month when I blacked out and regained consciousness at the bus stop clutching a huge Topshop carrier bag containing two pairs of ridiculously high shoes. One pair got returned) I'm gearing up for lots of DIY/make do and mend rip off's. The moment I get paid I'm off to Berwick Street to load up on fabric. One thing I can't make myself is shoes so I'm leaving a little budget for these...

£35 from Linzi Shoes

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Someone asked...

Someone asked me what my dream outfit would be if budget was no hindrance.

"As much Balmain AW09 as I could possibly fit onto my body, and then some.

Marc by Marc Jacobs AW09 black tulip show coat.

Giles black suede AW09 crotch-high boots.

SS09 Masion Martin Margiela soft nude leather and black chiffon clutch.

The 'Svetlana' headband in black by Benoit Missolin.

A 'Nerd Bunny' ring by The Apple Tree.

A pair of the 'Estelle Blanche Classic' puff sleeve gloves in black by Gloved Up.

And a pair of vintage sunglasses from Zone 7 boutique."

Meghan Collison

Happy Bunny?

My obsession with rabbits continues with this ring I found on Kabiri.

Rad Hourani

This makes me climax.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I could start most of my posts with 'I want...'

But this time I really mean it. Like it hurts my organs a bit every time I think about it. I break into a hot sweat and my mind races, scheming ways to covet every single piece from Balmain AW09.

Does anyone have the phone number for those Scooter Boutique Robbers that terrorise Mayfair? I want to be friends with them!

Clever Cat

After whining about the Report Signature boots for ages I have found a cheaper alternative without a silly dollar to sterling exchange.

Meh! Behold...

the 'Leona' black leather boots £80!

Best in Show

Marc by Marc Jacobs AW09.

I've already ordered this dress from Paris, yay! Can I order one of him in my size too?

New Shoes

The Wall

DIY Charms

Made a headband/necklace out of a broken bag strap.

Why? Because I have exactly £4.44 in my bank account until pay day, that's why.