Wednesday, December 9, 2009

G E T . A . G R I P P

This top by Australian brand Gripp Jeans has sold out everywhere. Fear not, the online kingdom of polyester and viscose has come up with a nasty knock off.

£250 from Gripp Jeans
One shoulder top £30 from ASOS

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As December sets in, the excitment starts and you begin to get the 'C' word feeling.

Although I keep winging on about 'WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS' like a spoiled child I actually love buying present for other people. This year I will be giving oneGood Gift to every person I buy a present for.

They cost as little as £6 and are never wasted.

£6 buys a medical fund for street children
£7 will buy text books
£8 will protect 50 people from river blindness
£10 will buy a toy for a child who would otherwise get nothing

Happy Christmas Shopping!

G Y M . B U N N Y

I have ignored my areo-hula-hoop since shortly after receiving it last Christmas. Not because it doesn't work but in fact I am a lazy cow and not a gym bunny. However I have found unwavering inspiration in Pantera Blacksmith to shake off it's layer of dust and start using it again.

At 5,2", weighing just under 9 stone and in her mid 20's she is Seattle's grunge version to Dita Von Teese. It's like comparing Kurt Cobain to Frank Sinatra.

Pantera is a self taught pole dancer which has lead on to her being an incredibly talented vertical gymnast. Yea sure, glaze over, get on your moral high horse about exploiting women blah blah blah. Shut up. Now watch this...

She performs regularly in Seattle at Pure Cirkus and Hysteria at the Noc Noc club to an audience of mostly women cheering her on, as well as featuring on many dance competition judging panels and performing all over the world as she travels.

Sexy? A little. Bizarre? Yes. Scary? Most definitely.

Her stage costumes have included ski goggles and rabbit ears, a khaki balaclava and a lizards tail which looked scarily life like as it curls around the pole as if to grip it.

You cannot mistake this lady with her symmetric body tattoo covering her arms, back, stomach and thighs. And those thighs! They could crush a mans head! Not only is she physically strong but mentally robust. Recently Pantera's house burnt down. She escaped the fire, saved her cats but lost everything else. Despite this she decided to carry on with her UK tour as planned.

And of course she gets thumbs up from me with the bunny ears, white puffa jacket, ski goggles and fluffy tail ensemble. Dahling, who is your stylist? Chezza Cole could do with their number.

Towards the end of this video she climbs to the top of the pole, lies on the ceiling and does sit ups, yes that's right, the ceiling! Uh huh, sit ups!

Monday, November 30, 2009

S A L E . O F . T H E . S A M P L E S

It's that time of year again when it's better to receive than give. You spend all year saving (Oxymoron surely? Ah, higher English was not completely lost on me Mrs. Fox!) in order to buy loved ones and default family members gifts for Christmas. Scrap that and take your savings to the sample sales!

Christopher Kane

3rd December 5pm-9pm
4th December 11am-7pm.

The London Newcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, E2

Up to 50% off

Alexander McQueen

3rd December 12pm-8pm
4th December 11am-7pm
5th December 10am-5pm

The Westminster Room, The Old Sessions House, 22 Clerkenwell Green, EC1

I was very successful at the McQueen sale last season, I hope I'm not disappointed this year.

Nicholas Kirkwood

4th December 12pm-7pm
5th December 10am-7pm

Swarovski Crystallised Lounge, 24 Great Marlborough Street, W1

Up to 80% off! I've bought a sleeping bag for the que.

Emma Cook

4th December 5pm-8pm
5th December 10am-6pm

Shacklewell Studios, 18 Shacklewell Lane, E8

Up to 90% off and a bargain sail rail starting at £15.

Peter Jensen

11th December 6pm-9pm
12th December 10am-6pm
13th December 12pm-4pm

Studio 1c, buzzer 4, 18-24 Shacklewell Lane, E8

King of the Bunnies! I'll be hopping along to make a long eared appearance.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I . S H O U L D . B E . R I C H

I should be rich.

For a start I'd own my own house, therefore I'd own its contents therefore if something was broken I wouldn't have to tell an estate agent, who'd tell a contractor, who then contacts an electrician, who then goes back to the contractor, who then reports back to the estate agent, who contacts the land lord, then the estate agent tells the contractor to tell the electrician to install a new cooker and to charge the land lord... AND I'd avoid an electric shock and the main fuse blowing the house lights. Plunged into darkness I found myself muttering the title of this post.

Not proof enough?

Well. Browns have just landed the new Opening Ceremony capsule collection which is inspired by Spike Jones latest film 'Where the Wild Things are' and I likey. More faux fur than you can shake a seal club at. Click HERE to buy me a present.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

C O L O U R I N . I N

I have an aversion to colour, I really cannot stand it. An example; I was at work and was absolutely freezing. The closet thing to hand was a dark teal cardigan. I almost vomited when I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately took it off. I'd rather freeze to death than wear colour (or fur).

However, and now for the ridiculous contradiction, I rather like the Pendleton collection for Opening Ceremony. In fact, I really like it. It makes we want don one of their coats, chuck on some Chole Sevingy wedges and stuff a feather in my hair Native American stylee.

Yea fuck you Pilgrims! You may have taken our land and murdered us in our tipi's but we had funky as fuck clobber while all you had were dreadful hats and buckle shoes, I repeat, BUCKLE SHOES!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Available from Tres Bien Shop
All available from Opening Ceremony

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A D A . Z A N D I T O N

There was a real 'buzz' surrounding Ada Zandition's collection. Her designs always stand up as being truly inspirational and innovative with or without the ethical tag.

Ada's SS10 collection was inspired by a book called A World Without Bees by Alison Benjamin. As honeybees numbers rapidly decline Benjamin brings our attention to the over looked and over worked bees we actually can't live without.

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

The puffed silk top seems floral at first glance but on closer inspection you realise it is in fact made up of hundreds of individually cut silk hexagons sewn together. The hexagon, which is inherent in the collections inspiration and design, hardly leaves any waist when cut out of fabric as the hexagonal pattern can be packed tightly together edge to edge.

For SS10 Ada has collaborated with CELC - Masters of Linen based in France. The collection was predominately linen, a fabric many of us shy away from due to its dramatic creasing. Ada however incorporated this characteristic and made it a feature in her designs. She told me more about the collections colour theme, red, white and navy. (This is loosely quoted as I was a) too engrossed in conversation and b) sans voice recorder.) "The fabric has been created through a design process before it gets to me. I wanted to show importance of this and of the collaboration by the colours, which represent the French flag but also correspond to the British Union Jack"

This will be the first season where Ada has designed and produced jewellery as part of the collection, all of which I aim to covet for myself very soon. Taking the hexagonal shape she created statement necklaces and abstract knuckle dusters of which Mark Fast is a fan. Ada used recycled plastic that has been set with what looks like tiny pieces of paper, which is in fact recycled money which is no longer in circulation, the hexagons fit together echoing a bee hives structure. I loved the idea of taking money that was worthless and making it into something of beauty and ethical worth.

This is what fashion should be, not just ethical fashion. Here we have an exquisitely executed collection highlighting a quirky yet important issue such as the decline of the honeybee and perhaps also referencing the economic recession through inventive recycling. Her SS10 collection is one of great depth, poignancy and exploration. I can't wait to see what she does next season.

E S T E T H I C A . I

So I managed to catch the last hour of the Estethica press day on Tuesday. There were some really interesting new things happening and quite a lot so here is pt.1

By Stamo was definitely one of my favourites from Estethica last week. Although this is only their second collection you can tell that the designer, originally from Greece, has years of experience in the industry.

By Stamo aims to produce garments in the same region as they are sold. Currently based only in London means that is the only place where By Stamo is available, however they are hoping to expand this to America and Italy next year.

The pleating technique is done by hand using steam and is created using one piece of fabric. As much as I love the light silks I am enamoured with By Stamo's AW09 collection which is right up my street. For full images of both collections click here.

This is also Henrietta Ludgate's second solo collection since working for Osman Yousefzada for fours year after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Her label is now based in Scotland and sources all fabrics from British mills preserving British craftsmanship. All manufacturing takes place just outside of Inverness in one of the few remaining crofting villages in Scotland. Crofting villages are usually made up of small rented agricultural units to keep crofts, livestock etc. Her work there contributes towards helping safe guard the rights, livelihoods and culture of crofters and their communities.

As well as using fleece from local villages and organic tweeds from Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers, which helps preserve the skills and tradition from the crofting villages, she also sources cotton and silk from surplus wastage and end of run from mills in the UK.

Henrietta Ludgate is stocked by our mates at Che Camille in Glasgow.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

S AM P L E . T H I S

Today I went to the Estethica press day at the Mayfair Hotel. Lots of nice things and inspiring pieces to write about.

Was talking to Ada Zanditon, whom I've met before, about her new collection, which is a post to itself. But before all that I have some very exciting news concerning Ada...

T H E . C O M P A N Y . O F . W O L V E S

About to settle down for the night to watch 80's movie The Company of Wolves. Check it out here to watch the full film online.

Jumper by H&M, image from H&M press


Sonia Rykiel's underwear collection for H&M launching 05.12.09
Knitwear collection for H&M to be launched February 2010<


I am currently reading the Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I am in love and don't want to finish it. I'd like the pages to go on forever. In the book one of the characters has a recurring dream about being in a boxing fight. I'd like to be in a fight today, I think it would look like this. Illustration by the multi-talented Wirrow

Saturday, November 7, 2009

C AM I L L A . A K R A N S


Friday, November 6, 2009

F I N D E R S . K E E P E R S

The Olanic AW09 video shoot, styled by Mhairi Gibb and myself.Images by Sandy Hutton.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

B L I N D I N G . B E I G E

Can you sex up beige socks? Yes you can!

Images: Elle Romania, Feb 2008
Photographer: Jesus Alonso

A N T H O N Y . G O I C O L E A

"The Septemberists" - series by Anthony Goicolea. His work has constantly dealt with sexuality. This collection of photographs is more mature and sophisticated compared to his earlier work which explored child sexuality.

It is a taboo subject which people often find hard to swallow. The concept of children having, identifying or being aware of their sexuality is, I think, the most natural and inherent thing we possess as human beings. Sexuality does not always directly relate to sex. It can reference how we interact with people, a reflection of ourselves or how we build and manage relationships, even at an early age.

A child's understanding of of the world and what's in it is often untainted and innocent. The impossible does not seem so, as they have not had a great deal of experience with their theory's or ideas being proved wrong. And why should they. That is what their adolescence is for.

Goicolea's work has progressed like a developing child. It's now crossed a blurred line from testing boundaries with an immature playfulness into something much darker and sinister. The older adoledent issues, which we have mentally and physically built ourselves up to in our childhood's, have arrived. Harsh but rewarding. Haunting but seductive. Just like 'The Septermberists'.

It is without doubt my favourite piece of work by Goicolea. It has a fashion editorial aesthetic, a slightly more that normal polish. I enjoy his digital manipulation, it doesn't hide beneath subtle layers or disguise itself. Instead his skills are impressive and adds to the image. These details make it richer, adding a sharp edge of fantasy and a deep, silent and choking atmosphere.

Clothes Line
Disetion Portrait (left)
Disection Portrait (right)
Green house
Still Waters
Tin Drum

D E A R . S A N T A . . .

...I have have tried to be good this year but to no avail. Please find it in your tired, cholestorol hoarding heart to bring me the following items. Do try not to ladder my stockings when you empty your sack.

Lots of love, Jessica Rabbit

The Jodphur boot by Minimarket. £223.36 from tresbienshop

Silver ring by Betony Vernon. £755.09 available from Colette

Suspender belt from Bordelle

Black leather rabbit mask by Tom Banwell

Monday, November 2, 2009