Friday, April 10, 2009


I was in Telford, or there abouts, last weekend styling the front cover story for Lifescape magazine. Want to say thank you to all the team who were great, a special thank you to Anna, the art director, and a HUGE thank you to Sen who assisted me.

Here's some shots of what we got up to.


My Miu Miu is back and has fully recovered. It took 5 weeks for Prada in Milan to figure out they couldn't fix it but someone in Lonon managed to do it perfectly within a week. Prada even sent me a letter saying it was 'beyond repair'.

And my new favourite toy... a steam iron. This is where I sound geeky but it gives out 150g of water in every blast of steam!

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit....

Happy Easter!


Jessica Rabbit xx


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm currently flat hunting which is like a full time occupation in itself. Viewing one that sounds very promising on Cheshire Street off Brick Lane. My only hope it that it's above Labour and Wait.

Business Cards

My business cards came the other day, not bad.

100 for a tenner at