Saturday, March 20, 2010

O H . D E A R


Last Week I...

fell in love with a Mulberry bag
bought a nail art kit from poundland
threw out so many old clothes
took off my Chanel nail transfers
made fennel gazpacho soup
and listened to womans hour everyday.

This Week I've...

ate a lot of Kraft cheesy pasta washed down with Buckfast
cut up my friends new dress
painted my nails Barbie pink
fallen asleep on public transport
but managed to do some pratical course work, nice!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

C R Y S T A L . C L E A R

Crystal Renn

T A T E . T H A T

10 inch elephant dung shoes by INSA, and why not?

INSA was asked by Tate Modern to create a response to Christ Ofili's work which were his paintings from the nineties that depicted Christ and were made out of elephant dung. INSA tracked down the same family of elephants in India where Ofili had sourced his dung from over 15 years ago. I like the attention to detail.

Chris Ofili is currently showing at Tate Modern.

INSA's shoes entitled “Anything comes when it comes to (s)hoes…” will be on display at the Tate as part of Bring the Noise from the 14th or March.

F U C K . F U R

I saw way too much fur in Paris over the weekend. Vintage or not you are just another ambasador for animal abuse and murder.

I'd never go as far to spit on someone or drown them in paint but I take pride in shooting them a filthy look and a mouthful if that was ever challenged.

Anyone remember the 90's when all the top supermodels of the moment signed a petition to say they would, under no circumstances, wear fur down the runway or anywhere else? These are the same models who are running around in Fur gillets and Mucluck boots. Kate, I'm looking at you bitch!

You know your beloved family dog? Your new pet kitten? Now imagine it bleeding to death and slung around your neck.

Wanna know where your coat came from?

Click Here!

Go on, I dare you.

Pledge to go fur-free at

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ode To My Alter Ego:
My alter ego is the person I want to become.
She's darker, bolder, braver.
She's a more interesting version of me.
She doesn't hold back.
She doesn't give a damn.
Sometimes, I let myself become my other I.
When she walks out and takes over,
I fall in love with who I am.

Poem taken from Illamasqua's blog

"My experience in the fashion industry has taught me to act confidently and decisively, without self-doubt." - Kelly Cutrone, 'If You Need to Cry, Go Outside'


Head over wedge in love with these. Not only am I sure that these would totally transform my wardrobe into a plethora of sport-chic, en-trend outfits but I wholeheartedly believe that these shoes would also change my life! All for the small fee of £140. God bless American Retro. They do not exist in London, surely Paris will cough them up, non?

W H E R E . D I D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

P A R I S . S Y N D R O M E

So, it's off to Paris on Friday. I love Paris. I love it's arrogance, it's protected language and their love of mutts. It's a city I've always found myself to be lucky in. Whether it's stumbling upon a kicks shop in Etienne Marcel that vacuum packed every shoe (takes 'fresh' to a new level) or meeting graff crew AKHK throwing up paint behind the Eiffel tower and making friends with the photographer, Richard Ross, who was doing a story on them for Boot Camp magazine. I've stood in line next to Karl Lagerfield and his army of chic monochrome dandies while I waited to buy my first taste of french hip-hop, DJ Koyote's Women Respond to Bass Vol. 2, in the uber trendy Colette.
Every time I go it gets better and I don't want this trip to be an exception, definitely Not like my mate Nadz recent Valentine experience.

It's safe to say I'm far beyond risk to falling victim to Paris Syndrome. I kid you not. Basically Paris is a gritty, dirty, rude city and not half as romantic as all those American chic flicks would make it out to be. It's more or less like any other western city. However some tourists, particularly the Japanese (20 a year to be exact), experience the distressing symptoms of this psychological illness. These symptoms include, dizziness, depression, anxiety and frustration (sounds like a day at work to me). It's brought on by the city not living up to the tourist's enchanting naive expectations. And, well, how could you blame them when there is preposterous shit like this being posted up on the Internet...

Granted it does pull a heart string or two but even I can tell this is nonsense. Although, Paris has duped me. On my last trip we visited Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt, the second hand market in Clignancourt, after a friend has raved about all the vintage gear she coveted. I don't know what wrong turn we took but we walked the length of hundreds of stalls selling knock of Nike Air's and dodgy trackies by vendors who looked like they were in Mafia K'1 Fry.


I've been a bad girl since pay day and I'm about to get worse. The postman was supposed to bring this to me yesterday... he didn't. I'll kill him.


Chanel Paris will be launching their Shanghi collection in May. I love this, it's so silly.


Very brief post.

I did very little during fashion week this season (apart from going to Paris this weekend). However when my old boss invited me to a press evening I was tempted to see what was happening after the cats had slopped off the catwalks and the fashion ed's had tottered off into their waiting Addison Lee cars. So off to the Amaka showroom after work for vodka cranberry's and glitter tattoo's.

It was a great night and there were good designers on show. However one that stood out to me from all the rest was Chantelle Walters. Her rail of simple yet beautiful dresses made of wet suit fabric and large glitter trims was a refreshing change from garments that featured huge shoulder pads and are badly made.

Chantell wearing a piece from her latest collection.
The collection reflected her confident approach to proportion. She told me that she had drawn influence from sci-fi films and outer space. I loved her interpretation, it didn't come across like the typical futuristic trends we have been used to. Instead they were glamorous and dark with a sharp edge. She had a great reception on a recent trip to New York and no wonder. What she's offering is fresh and full of integrity.

Looking at her past collections I picked up a slightly disco feel and I'm digging it! Chantell's designs are stocked at 172 on Brick Lane.