Friday, January 30, 2009

Stuck for ideas?

Totally self indulging here as it's my birthday and I'm just gonna post all the stuff I want. It makes me happy seeing things I want all together, listed, as if I shall buy them one by one and cross them of my 'To-Buy' list. If only.

Report Signature Boots

matte Black Rat leggings by Sass & Bide

Knuckle Duster by VeraMeat Jewelry

Wolford Medaillon Tights

Gloved Up

YSL tee

Anything from Masion Martin Margiela SS09 (or any season for that matter)


Yes, yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome! I never care about birthdays but seeing as it was my 21st I took full advantage.

The other intern in the office burst in serenading me with 'happy birthday' and a chocolate birthday breakfast muffin which came with candles! So yummy! My boss also got me a chocolate cake and I ate nothing but all day!

Left work and did something very naughty... Instead of going straight to Primarni like I promised myself I tried on the matt black Sass & Bide rat leggings in Behave in Soho and instantly fell in love with them. But they are £100 I just do not have!

I've pissed everyone off all week with my 'what-should-i-wear' drama meltdown. I bought 4 different black dresses for the occasion and Captain Morgan helped with the process of ilimination. The nominees were...

Grey Zipper strapless bodycon dress - H&M

Black Shiny Ruffle dress - H&M

Black Matt Lame Ice Skating dress - American Apparel
((only cause Megan nicked it))

Black Long Sleeve U-neck dress - American Apparel

This new dress was introduced to black hold up's and my new black boots (which are going back to the shop today but that is another post). They all became outfit pals and off we trotted.

Woke this morning with a rum headache and watched Eastenders.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I can't get enough of Beyonce at the moment. Thank god Youtube isn't fattening or I would be the same size of a house right now. I love the Freakam video directed by Ray Kay and features the choreographer Jonte who is amazing! If I ever have ot be a gay man I would want to be him! It won't let me imbed the video so click the link... FREAKUM!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Scout Niblett - Kiss ft. Bonnie Prince Billy


I helped out my mate Silvana with a shoot she styled for Framed mag. I was having so much fun until I had to leave for work. The team we worked with were so lovley! xx

Here are some snaps of what was going on.

Going, going, grey

Well I found my first grey hair at the ripe old age of 20! I was mortified when I found it buried in my fringe. First thought - to rip it out but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I left it and forgot all about it until about 3 days later when I was brushing my hair and it caught the light in the mirror. Why was I freaking over it so much, it's totally natural. Why are we so scared of aging? As a culture, we are terrified of any physical signs of aging.

Youth is seen as some superior power that we should be envy. People go to dangerous extremes to stay looking young and I honestly can't understand why. To divert the natural process and destiny of what you'll look like when your older seems dishonest and misleading to me. But perhaps I only feel that way since I'm still on the right side of thirty and I'll feel differently when I loose all the elasticity in my skin. Even still I still think it's a bit too self obsessive, says I that's a contradiction in its self.

If you haven't seen the documentary Super Botox Me I suggest you hook yourself up on 4OD and give it a spin.


... doesn't get.

I'm so obsessed with these boots from Report Signature that they now feature in my dreams at night. I think I might buy them as a birthday present to myself this year.

Ladies and gentlemen please pull out your cheque books and donate generously to 'Jess's Booty Hardship Fund' at Revole online.

Urghh they are too good! I envisage them on my legs teamed with a mens vintage plaid shirt and pvc look leggings.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blankity Blank

One very cool customer, Amanda Blank. I'm a bit in awe of her at the moment. The nails, the legs and the garms. check out her featuring on 'Loose' on Spank Rocks page. Sick.

"I got mad style for days,
your style's been played.
Everything you wore today
I did yesterday"

Blank and Spank

Look at these calws

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Birdcage

No, not the pub on Columbia Road where I spend a lot of, worth while, valuable time and money. I mean the Givenchy shoe/boots (?). Steve Madden has just brought out very similar pair which you don't to re-morgatge your house in order to afford. Eh that are actually identical!!

These are the SALLINA shoes

These are Givenchy's Birdcage boots, photo from Jak & Jil

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rabbit Ears

For those of you not connected on my facebook you're out of the loop on my rabbit ear obsession. I have no idea where it came from or how it started but I long for soft, black , fluffy rabbit ears to sprout from the top of my skull. The way genetic science is going give it 50 yeas and I may get my wish. Untill then I need an alternative. A silly fancy dress head band just won't do... which is why I was thrilled when I found Benoit Missolin's SS09

This pair is from his Wedding Collection. "Here comes the bunny..." in hand embroidered seaquins.