Friday, January 22, 2010

T E M P T E D ?

I certainly am. How much do I love the suitably named 'Love' dress by Termperley? It pushes all my right buttons -
Figure Hugging
and Cut Out

This combination compiled into one little garment can quite often be a disaster, but the few that triumph rarely turn out to be as beautiful as this. The caged shoulder straps and crew neckline work together to make an elegant statement while the short length retains a fresh, sexy silhouette. The diamond cut outs echo harlequin fabrics and immediately make think of the scenes of the masquerade ball in Peter Shaffers film 'Amadeus'. Please click and watch the trailer!

To me, Temperley's SS10 collection infuses good old fashioned fun, 1930's glamour and up to date style. Proudly presenting Circus chic, Pearly Queens, Show Girl Glamour and some real swell broads.

Oh how I long for long hot summer nights to be able to parade out wearing this and nothing else. This is the dress I imagine myself to be wearing on that night where nothing has been planned, when one thing leads to another and an adventure unfurls in front of me. It's sophisticated and daring charm seduces you and then leads you astray.

Agh snap back to reality! I've been corrupted by a dress! Not only that but Temperley have chosen some of their gorgeous Chilli Red coloured accessories to accompany it. I can feel warmth radiate off that colour! My absolute favorites being the Flying Horse Belt (also in black at £245) and Pyramid Cuff (a very reasonable £125). Boys I hope you're all taking notes as valentines day is around the corner and this should be a pretty obvious hint, no?

An over sized white shirt dress teamed up with any of these four accessories makes a prefect outfit for this summers wardrobe.

Visit for more from this enchanting collection.

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Miss Eco Glam said...

oh my goodness i love that flying horse belt! although bet it's leather which means Miss Eco glam can't have it!