Tuesday, October 5, 2010

B Y E . B Y E

So I'm off to Peru for 3 months to live with a family in the shanty town of Pachacutec. I'm going with a NGO charity called Platform2 who are also supported by Christian Aid. Come say teary bye bye's while I drink cheap umbrella decorated cocktails and dance erratically (ha , was almost erotic according to spell checker) to old school garage. Can you dance erotically to old school garage? If so my new career may be an exotic garage dancer. Shut up Jess...

This Friday at he cheesy-chic Anatolia, around 9pm till whenever my feet hurt and I insist on leaving in order to buy chips.


This outfit is perfectly laid back. Chic and scruffy.

S P E A K . Y O U R . M I N D

I was invited along to a spoken word event at Westminster Uni by my new friend and fellow Platform2 volunteer, Zi. Bit sceptical about the whole spoken broken poetry thing but I was completely blown away with the whole thing. Particularly Holie McNish, who was accompanied by her partner and their baby girl both sat in the audience. Please check out her website and donate generously to download her album PUSH KICK, all based on pregnancy and motherhood. Funny, moving, harrowing and spoken with such strength. Click here > http://holliemcnish.bandcamp.com/

K I C K . I T

Footwear lambs to the slaughter. My new 'outdoor' kicks are about to get a 10 week battering in Peru. I don't think they'll make it somehow, have youse seen what I do to ballet pumps in less than a week? It's knarly.
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Friday, October 1, 2010


Me 5 years old, Saint Mary's of the Angels Church, Notting Hill Carnival 1993.

17 years on. Notting Hill Carnival 2010, Rampage, my liver sponsored by Alize. Yasmin and Jarina. What am I gonna do in Peru without you two? Don't go looking for no white gal replacement, I will dash you.


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