Wednesday, December 9, 2009

G E T . A . G R I P P

This top by Australian brand Gripp Jeans has sold out everywhere. Fear not, the online kingdom of polyester and viscose has come up with a nasty knock off.

£250 from Gripp Jeans
One shoulder top £30 from ASOS

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As December sets in, the excitment starts and you begin to get the 'C' word feeling.

Although I keep winging on about 'WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS' like a spoiled child I actually love buying present for other people. This year I will be giving oneGood Gift to every person I buy a present for.

They cost as little as £6 and are never wasted.

£6 buys a medical fund for street children
£7 will buy text books
£8 will protect 50 people from river blindness
£10 will buy a toy for a child who would otherwise get nothing

Happy Christmas Shopping!

G Y M . B U N N Y

I have ignored my areo-hula-hoop since shortly after receiving it last Christmas. Not because it doesn't work but in fact I am a lazy cow and not a gym bunny. However I have found unwavering inspiration in Pantera Blacksmith to shake off it's layer of dust and start using it again.

At 5,2", weighing just under 9 stone and in her mid 20's she is Seattle's grunge version to Dita Von Teese. It's like comparing Kurt Cobain to Frank Sinatra.

Pantera is a self taught pole dancer which has lead on to her being an incredibly talented vertical gymnast. Yea sure, glaze over, get on your moral high horse about exploiting women blah blah blah. Shut up. Now watch this...

She performs regularly in Seattle at Pure Cirkus and Hysteria at the Noc Noc club to an audience of mostly women cheering her on, as well as featuring on many dance competition judging panels and performing all over the world as she travels.

Sexy? A little. Bizarre? Yes. Scary? Most definitely.

Her stage costumes have included ski goggles and rabbit ears, a khaki balaclava and a lizards tail which looked scarily life like as it curls around the pole as if to grip it.

You cannot mistake this lady with her symmetric body tattoo covering her arms, back, stomach and thighs. And those thighs! They could crush a mans head! Not only is she physically strong but mentally robust. Recently Pantera's house burnt down. She escaped the fire, saved her cats but lost everything else. Despite this she decided to carry on with her UK tour as planned.

And of course she gets thumbs up from me with the bunny ears, white puffa jacket, ski goggles and fluffy tail ensemble. Dahling, who is your stylist? Chezza Cole could do with their number.

Towards the end of this video she climbs to the top of the pole, lies on the ceiling and does sit ups, yes that's right, the ceiling! Uh huh, sit ups!