Friday, May 6, 2011

G O O G L E . G A L A X Y

Makes me smile every time I open a new page.

R E P E A T . O F F E N D E R

Princess Beatrice and her irritating compulsion to put 'stuff' on her head summed up in pictures. They are not hats, these are catastrophes of a global level strapped to her cranium. Some sort of intervention is needed. Get me Kofi Annan on the blower A-SAP

So let's start with her latest, and perhaps most famous 'hatccident'. It looks like a deer head mount usually found on the walls of old castles or American log cabins, but surely with those teeth the hat should be wearing her and not the other way around?*

*Tad harsh, I admit.

This monochrome flying saucer looks ready for take off.

Powder blue is a gorgeous colour against her chestnut tresses however a blue bird of paradise that looks like the cat's been at it is not.

The point of a fascinator is that it's supposed to be 'fastened' to your head, not floating mysteriously next to it.

"Slate this in Heat Magazine and I'll dash you down'

It's just too big to be a beret, init?

Oh for fucks sake!

"Oh nah nah, what's one's name?"

Another feathery-fail.

Stay out of the garden, Bea.

Been hanging out with Alice and big talking rabbit eh?

V . V

This is the gorgeous Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizim. Amazing personal style wrapped round her 40's pin-up curves makes for addictive blog following. New role model alert.

S M O K E Y . R O L L S

New collection by Smokey Rolls in collaboration with that pretty blonde one from 4th and Bleeker. My faves below.