Monday, June 29, 2009


While boys browse in the Apple shop, girls go to Liberty's, drool over shoulder padded garments and crippling footwear. I couldn't leave the shop without buying something.
Nars 'Strip Tease' lip gloss - £17
This tacky belt buckle accessory was £38 reduced to £10 in Buttler & Wilson, and it makes a far better knuckle duster.

The boy went and bought a tonne of stuff from the Apple shop on Regent's street yesterday to replace the stuff that got nicked from his studio and they chucked in a free iPod Touch which he gave to me. To me that's mega extravagant. I'm thrilled! First thing I did was download the app. It's bloody amazing! That app would have been the only thing to make me consider and iPhone or iAntything to be honest. It's bloody amazing app if you have an iOverrated appliance get! iLove!

D I Y : T A S S L E T A I L

A few weeks ago on a sunny afternoon while a bit bored I turned a pair of black fine mesh knickers into eh, something rather more risqué, especially under a short skirt! I was having a bad day last week, went to the bathroom to ponder my bad mood and ended up in hysterics in the cubicle by myself as I had forgotten I'd put them on that day. If anything they are comedy value pants! Voilà!
Under denim cut-off's.


Been picking up a few things for going away to Rome on Sunday. I've been alternating these two items since I got them
Super stretchy grey skirt by Johann at Urban Outfitters £25
Blue acid wash cotton dress from Topshop £14
Here they are in action in my very tidy room.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


It's feeling of being really excited mixed with the feeling you've forgotten to do something you can't remember. A shadowy glow falls upon each room and the outside looks like a hybrid between light and dark. The clouds settle above us as if they were a thick blanket. Once they have covered the sky for as far as you can see they then burst into floods that cool the ground.

That's how thunder and lighting storms make me feel. The hail stones are the size of rocks and I'm worried it might break the window pane.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I like the fact my mum reads my online shopping list (blog) from time to time. But she unintentionally uses it to find out what I shouldn't be spending my money on.

Two gorgeous pieces of designer driftwood washed up on the Selfridges sale shores and right onto my body.

I give her till 5pm tomorrow evening to have called me and told me off.

Positively see through black knit Vanessa Bruno top for a measly £45

Malene Birger dropped crotch trousers in BLACK! Amazing silk that feels like suede again a horrifically cheap £45


I had a dream about a pair of espadrille wedges with layered straw rope decorating the wedge with a grey sude and black patent peep toe shoe boot. Yum.

Saw these on Style Bubble and let out a dramatic groan, my body is phsyically craving these.

From the new Skylab' A/W 09 collection by Finsk

I D I E !

I went to check out my McQueen shoes in Selfridges to see if they'd gone into sale.. ha! Still full price and new season! I got mine for £300 less, suckers!

Ah, but stupidly tried on these... All I can say is where the fuck am I going to find £575... to pay my rent!

They are like mini leather jackets for your feet.

These are pretty cute too. But not enough to become homeless for.


Where do I start? Eh... Clarks. I'm not sure wether I like these or wether I'm just shocked to find something by Clarks that I'd actually wear rather than cut my feet off to avoid wearing. I haven't set foot inside a Clarks (excuse the pun) since I was about 7 years old and buying school shoes with my mum. Do they still have those measuring machines? Did anyone else fear the sales assistant might take a disliking to you and let the thing crush your foot?

Triple Jump
- £49.99

Silver Birch - £49.99

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


AW09 look from Olanic.

I've known Niki for a few years now and I helped out on her last show at LFW. As a thank you Niki gave me this gorgeous shirt as a thank you from the new collection as she knew how I'd loved it. So generous and I'm so thrilled!

Super Gran

For a woman with a seeing eye dog she has great taste. This is one of her cast off's she gave to me the other day.

I had totally forgotten all about this top's existance. It was given to me and my grandma by a lady who used to be our neighbour. My gran used to be a wardrobe mistress for years on West End shows in London and the BBC. She also used to run her own Costume Hire shop in Govan of all places.

Dunno if you can make out the label but it says the lace dates from 1905 - 1935. It's obviously been dyed but i love the fact that the garment still carries te sillhouette from that time. I love the fact it looks like snake skin. That's definitely gonna pop up in a shoot soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Go Glasgow.

so I'm blogging via my blackberry on the train home from Glasgow to London. Found that I can't upload images when using a mobile device, which makes this post pointless because I hate a lot of text, I prefer less chat more pictures. I've also discovered that you can write posts on your mobile device but not actually post them. WTF!?

Glasgow has changed quite a bit and it makes me a little sad. I've always known it to be a working class city but it was becoming quite cosmopolitan. But it seems the recession has hit quite hard, a lot of people have lost their jobs, businesses have closed down and pound shops are rife. You don't notice it in London as the jobs are being lost in the financial districts in the city, parts of London which are just office blocks and you'd never visit, no one lives there and in such a big city you actually dont see a lot of it. But Glasgow has always been poor so I'm sure it'll ride the storm. God knows if we can survive the weather a global recession will be a doddle.

Saw the girls when I went home. Cathy who I've known since we were bairns, just gets more gorgeous every time I see her. We had an early evening cocktail at home as she was going to NY the next morning with her boyfriend. So lucky!
Shafar come over, this girl knows me inside out. We've been friends since school and opposites since the start. I hardly recognised her when she came in, hair cropped and she's been hitting the gym hard. We exchanged very late birthday gifts. A black patent ostrich skin Vivienne Westwood wallet for her, a black and pink (faux) snake skin clutch and a bottle of my favourite perfume. Then arrived Charlotte and her boyfriend Joe. Me and Char struck up a friendship over a shared love of clothes and having matching white Adidas boxing boots. Lots of shopping and underage drinking later we both landed our first job in Diesel and the rest is history. Nights out with Joe and Char always end up messy and I crawled in at 7am on Sunday morning after going to a party and meeting friends old and new.

Just leaving Edinburgh now. Sitting beside a Greggs carrier bag full of all the empire biscuits they had, I cleared them out, and a macaroni pie for the boy. I am miffed as why neither of these products are sold in Gregg's in London?

A few facts about Glasgow: It is the heart disease capital of the world, due to our wonderful diet high in trans and saturated fat.

It's also the murder capital of the world with the highest murder rate per head of the population.

The life expectancy of the average Glasgow male is 55 years of age.

Other news just been booked on a job for fashion week, got a blouse from fashion label Olanic as a present (post pictures later), just got an email about doing a shoot and another one about submission for a new erotica magazine. Ooh lala and its not even 11am yet.

Back to London, back to the grind, my head filled with vintage jumpsuits and post Saturday night alcohol abuse. Photo posts to follow.

No book. No magazine. I'm bored.

Friday, June 19, 2009

White Tee

Bought a white anti-fit cropped white tee from Topshop Boutique yesterday. It's getting worn with everything! These pics look way tiny.

Tribal Bazaar

I cannot wait to go home this weekend and raid all those weird little hippy shops on Great Western Road, the ones that sell belly dancing gear (I hope to god they are still there and haven't closed down) otherwise I'm gonna have to spend a stupid amount of money buying this lot from Tribal Bazaar

The Damned

...are my favourite punk band. Not too heavy and ear lobe destroying, a bit quirky veering a little close to gimmicky, but with just enough edge.

Meet Dave Vanian their lead singer.

Now take a look at these pictures of Dazed & Confused.


Seriously poor blogging recently. Glasgow tea towels, table settings in the middle of fields. I need to go eat grit and get some dirt under my nails. And these will definitely help...

Smoking is not cool and it is bad for your health, so is Krispy Kreme!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The season for summer weddings and i have nul invites, why is no one I know getting married?!