Wednesday, November 25, 2009

C O L O U R I N . I N

I have an aversion to colour, I really cannot stand it. An example; I was at work and was absolutely freezing. The closet thing to hand was a dark teal cardigan. I almost vomited when I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately took it off. I'd rather freeze to death than wear colour (or fur).

However, and now for the ridiculous contradiction, I rather like the Pendleton collection for Opening Ceremony. In fact, I really like it. It makes we want don one of their coats, chuck on some Chole Sevingy wedges and stuff a feather in my hair Native American stylee.

Yea fuck you Pilgrims! You may have taken our land and murdered us in our tipi's but we had funky as fuck clobber while all you had were dreadful hats and buckle shoes, I repeat, BUCKLE SHOES!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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