Sunday, November 29, 2009

I . S H O U L D . B E . R I C H

I should be rich.

For a start I'd own my own house, therefore I'd own its contents therefore if something was broken I wouldn't have to tell an estate agent, who'd tell a contractor, who then contacts an electrician, who then goes back to the contractor, who then reports back to the estate agent, who contacts the land lord, then the estate agent tells the contractor to tell the electrician to install a new cooker and to charge the land lord... AND I'd avoid an electric shock and the main fuse blowing the house lights. Plunged into darkness I found myself muttering the title of this post.

Not proof enough?

Well. Browns have just landed the new Opening Ceremony capsule collection which is inspired by Spike Jones latest film 'Where the Wild Things are' and I likey. More faux fur than you can shake a seal club at. Click HERE to buy me a present.

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