Thursday, November 5, 2009

A N T H O N Y . G O I C O L E A

"The Septemberists" - series by Anthony Goicolea. His work has constantly dealt with sexuality. This collection of photographs is more mature and sophisticated compared to his earlier work which explored child sexuality.

It is a taboo subject which people often find hard to swallow. The concept of children having, identifying or being aware of their sexuality is, I think, the most natural and inherent thing we possess as human beings. Sexuality does not always directly relate to sex. It can reference how we interact with people, a reflection of ourselves or how we build and manage relationships, even at an early age.

A child's understanding of of the world and what's in it is often untainted and innocent. The impossible does not seem so, as they have not had a great deal of experience with their theory's or ideas being proved wrong. And why should they. That is what their adolescence is for.

Goicolea's work has progressed like a developing child. It's now crossed a blurred line from testing boundaries with an immature playfulness into something much darker and sinister. The older adoledent issues, which we have mentally and physically built ourselves up to in our childhood's, have arrived. Harsh but rewarding. Haunting but seductive. Just like 'The Septermberists'.

It is without doubt my favourite piece of work by Goicolea. It has a fashion editorial aesthetic, a slightly more that normal polish. I enjoy his digital manipulation, it doesn't hide beneath subtle layers or disguise itself. Instead his skills are impressive and adds to the image. These details make it richer, adding a sharp edge of fantasy and a deep, silent and choking atmosphere.

Clothes Line
Disetion Portrait (left)
Disection Portrait (right)
Green house
Still Waters
Tin Drum

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