Saturday, January 8, 2011

W H Y . W H Y . R I - R I ?

I'm so confused! I heard this song for the first time on new years eve at the O2 Arena. Everyone knew the words and sung along. Me, oblivious. Three months in Peru and I find the biggest thing I missed out on is not being able to recognise a few tunes in the club. Anyway, I'm a Rihanna fan. I like this song. I just hate the video so bad.

What the fuck is she wearing? What, did her record label run a competition "win the chance to style Rihanna's next video"? It is awful!

I can understand why they never show her feet in the video now. EDIT: Actually, it's the shoes that I find the most offensive! Current shoe trends are so strong at the moment. High street brands are giving designers a real run for their money in the shoe stakes. So, why is she wearing Office brouge heels from four years ago?
“The fashion wardrobe for teens and young adults today is focused on trendy shoes. Footwear is the signature piece, especially in the urban markets, that these consumers are using to express who they are.” - Marshal Cohen

So Rihanna, what do those shoes say about you?

Unsure what's going on with the two tone legs? Take a closer look.

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