Monday, January 17, 2011

B U C K . U P

Rocking my Huaraz garms today. Supposedly today is thee most miserable day of the year, a January mid-month Monday. Fuck it, take off the duvet you've been wearing all day, put on a hat and leave the house.

Inspired by the beautiful people of Huaraz in Peru. A small cold town high up in the Andes. However these people could not be more different from the grey weather. Traditional dress is always brightly coloured, full skirts, knitted leggings, lace and silk shirts and bright knitted cardigans. To top it off these women use bright peruvian patterned blankets tied around their torsos to carry food, herbs, children and even baby animals.

Last but not least is the Huaraz hat. These tall hats are decorated with a length of hand stitched ribbon. They should be worn on the top of the head at an angle. This particular hat is identified with the traditional Huaraz dress and can be found no where else.

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