Tuesday, January 4, 2011

P O S T . C H R I S T M A S . P O S T

After hiding out in Essex for two weeks after returning from Peru I have done very little apart from sleep, eat and watch TV. I have watched far too much 'The Only Way Is Essex' in one go and now fear I am morphing into Amy Childs. Words like 'babes' regularly fall out of my mouth during civilised conversation. Another worrying side effect of overdosing on TOWIE was that I was caught eyeing up a pair of gold snake lame UGG style boots in Colchester market. It was time to go home.

So finally back in London and it's bloody freezing. I'm sitting in my little house in Dalston wrapped in a Llama wool cape polishing off the Rococo Chocolates the boy got me for Christmas amongst other gifts like my new Mac Book Air. Typey typey typey...

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