Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Since growing out my high maintenance heavy signature fringe in preparation for Peru and then having all the split ends chopped off post-Peru it's now a very non-event mid length. Technical colours and tricky styles are either too hard to maintain or more than my rent to fund the upkeep of such a do. But ombre hair seems to be easy to do, maintain and get rid off should you get bored of it

It's en trend to have a messy bleach job. Bleach London, a hair salon recently launched inside the infamous WAH Nails bar in Dalston, is dedicated to such styles and even incorporating mint greens, midnight blues and hues of lavender into the dip dyed tips, nothing is too much for head stylist Alex Brownsell.

Ooh but £60 for a bit of bleach? I just don't have that kind of cake to splash around. Lily, from LLMLRS whom I came across while Googling, did a DIY tutorial on how to get ombre hair for the price of a packet of hair dye. And I think you'll agree it looks pretty ace...

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