Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Q U A N T O C O S T O ?

...was a phrase I used quite a lot while I was away, and good thing I did. Italians have an aversion to vintage clothing. Many of them hate the idea of wearing something that is not brand new so it's worth checking out the lesser know vintage places to find some amazing pieces. So I headed to Van Sannio in San Giovanni bright and early to hunt out some vintage. Once in the main tented rows of stalls, at the back right corner there is an small old Italian lady in pink lipstick, glasses and blonde perm scrapped into a scrunchie on top of her head. She's amazing. She had a good few racks of Dynasty style 80's dresses. Big shoulder pads, velvet diamontae chocker collars, metalic ployester fabrics, mesh pannels, exaggerated leg-o-mutton sleeves. I had so much fun trying them all on. Italians expect you to bargain and what I've learnt is be ruthless as she talks up her prices. Find a little fault if you have to if it'll help you bring the cost down. You'll need every cent you save for Via Condotti, Rome's version of New Bond Street.

Plain black cropped bolero type thing. I'm sure it was part of a set once upon a time but I plan on rocking it up with an old punk t-shirt, skinny jeans and McQueen booties.

The colours and shape of this dress is beautiful, got this one for my mum. I think she'll look amazing in this.
These zip braces I found in Cinza, a vintage shop on Del Governo Vecchio which I think was the best out of all the vintage boutiques there, some were very over priced. It's ran by a few friendly laid back Italian rock-a-billies and their three gorgeous dogs.
This bracelet was from one of the stalls in Via Sannio, same place where the vintage market was. You can find this stuff for 4 times the price on websites likeTribal Bazaar.

This ring was from the night market in Frascati and cost 10 euros. I was eyeing up one in a boutique in Covent Garden the other day that costs £45.

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