Tuesday, July 14, 2009

R O M E o n H O M E

Just back from Rome yesterday. A very relaxing week staying in the wine district of Frascati. I am utterly dissapointed to be back, I may just pick up my mail and hop on the next flight back.

New replacement Blackberry is taking a while to get used to. Having been sans phone for a week the indent of its scroll ball in my thumb has dissapeared. Also it now has an English accent as apposed to the American one it once had. Who is this posh tart on my phone and what did you do with the voice actication yank I'd grown attached to?! Bahh. Anyway, switched it on and there is just a flood of communication I could have well done without.

Blah Blah Blah... CLOTHES! As well as phones in the post my vintage dress from the Urban Collection arrived and I'm thrilled. it's seriously beautiful and it goes with everything, ha aren't I clever.

paired with default old black boots and blazer
As with everything I own, it gets the backwards test and passes with flying florals. (I am soo gonna try bring back the side plait!)

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