Tuesday, June 2, 2009

House Of Mouse

Designers, models and a host of other goldet etc's (Daisy Lowe, Giles Deacon, Henry Holland, Luella Bartley to name a few) have 'designed' (I'd call it customised) pairs of Mickey Mouse ears. I thought we got rid of this magazine trend like a year ago? Anyway the ears were auctioned last month and all proceeds went to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The ears were on display at START boutique (why did I not know this!?) from the 13th to 27th of May.

Here are my own Minnie Mouse ears which my Mum bought for me last year from a flea market in Glasgow last year. £1!

Moving that look up a notch is this Disney Couture necklace I intend on buying (but in gold).


Miss Eco Glam said...

oh my gosh that minnie mouse stuff is soooo cute! Great blog jess!

jess said...

Thanks Anna!

Aw I know! We're all in love with Disney Couture jewellery at work. It's micro-trend within Selfridges! x