Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Usually my DIY's have horrendous effects or disappointing results or, like most things I try and make, it gets left unfinished. However you can't really half dye your hair and then leave it, unless your going for a Cruella Deville crop, so this creative commitment had to be seen through, it was the ombre-fying of my hair.

I'm not ready for Meadham Kirchhoff colour spectrum locks. Plus I do not want people to think I roll round Dalston in ripped clothes and take legal highs. Edgy but well groomed, intelligent but light hearted. Or just generall scruffy which I seem to pull off effortlessly.

I like the end results which makes a change from my 'projects'. What's next, cutting my own hair?*

*definitely fucking not.

Jerome Russell Hair Lightener, About £6 from Boots.

My 'The Only Way is Essex' pout for you


Rhea Le Riche said...

Looks gorgeous! xx

Elastic Cloud said...

your hair look lovely hun xxx Did you have a good trip? we need a coffee catch up x

Lundy Leigh said...

This looks awesome! Did you lighten the rest of your hair too?

Jess said...

Thanks Rhea!

Yes, we do need to grab a coffee soon! I love your photographs on your blog.

Nope it's natural. Might just be the picture that makes it look lighter or it might have been sunshine.

x x