Wednesday, March 16, 2011

S C R U F F . C R U S H

I love all the new clean trends, white tailorings, linear colour blocking, the new modernity but I can't help my biological genetic make up. I'm a scruffy cow.

Scruff-chic by the Olsen's. I could never get sick of these girls.
Over sized cape coat, pencil skirt and baggy jumper, I love the fluidity of the outfit. Powder blue and sunflower yellow.My absolute favourite... leather and texture coat, head to toe back and beaten up chelsea boots. (This is actually an average small bottle of Evian we can see MK clutching in her paw just to give you a ratio to ratio idea of how tiny these girls are. It's like holding a penny beside Thumbalina in her mugshot.) All images from Olsen Anonymous.

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