Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Very brief post.

I did very little during fashion week this season (apart from going to Paris this weekend). However when my old boss invited me to a press evening I was tempted to see what was happening after the cats had slopped off the catwalks and the fashion ed's had tottered off into their waiting Addison Lee cars. So off to the Amaka showroom after work for vodka cranberry's and glitter tattoo's.

It was a great night and there were good designers on show. However one that stood out to me from all the rest was Chantelle Walters. Her rail of simple yet beautiful dresses made of wet suit fabric and large glitter trims was a refreshing change from garments that featured huge shoulder pads and are badly made.

Chantell wearing a piece from her latest collection.
The collection reflected her confident approach to proportion. She told me that she had drawn influence from sci-fi films and outer space. I loved her interpretation, it didn't come across like the typical futuristic trends we have been used to. Instead they were glamorous and dark with a sharp edge. She had a great reception on a recent trip to New York and no wonder. What she's offering is fresh and full of integrity.

Looking at her past collections I picked up a slightly disco feel and I'm digging it! Chantell's designs are stocked at 172 on Brick Lane.

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