Tuesday, March 9, 2010

F U C K . F U R

I saw way too much fur in Paris over the weekend. Vintage or not you are just another ambasador for animal abuse and murder.

I'd never go as far to spit on someone or drown them in paint but I take pride in shooting them a filthy look and a mouthful if that was ever challenged.

Anyone remember the 90's when all the top supermodels of the moment signed a petition to say they would, under no circumstances, wear fur down the runway or anywhere else? These are the same models who are running around in Fur gillets and Mucluck boots. Kate, I'm looking at you bitch!

You know your beloved family dog? Your new pet kitten? Now imagine it bleeding to death and slung around your neck.

Wanna know where your coat came from?

Click Here!

Go on, I dare you.

Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org.

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Miss Eco GLam said...

Awesome post Jess ! xx