Saturday, October 24, 2009


I've been posting a lot of pictures and videos rather than text recently. Bloggers usually favor one or other style for their own blogs. For example Knight Cat is mostly a photo blog, posting pictures of seductive editorials, crave worthy apparel and the odd celeb getting it so right. An online scrap book which ignites a drive to elevate, imitate or create our own devastatingly iconic style.

Style Bubble on the other hand has, over the years, carved out a throne which many of us, including myself, look up to. From this elevated height she has a broad view of the online, and offline, fashion kingdom. Susie Bubble's insightful and intelligent blog entries often guides our attention not to the well tread catwalks but instead towards the blossoming new designers from all over the planet. She writes sentimentally and endearingly about boutiques I never knew could exist. As well as bogging from all over the world; London, Copenhagen, New York, Belgium, Antwerp, Paris and every so often the sea side. Her blog has become more of an archive to me. Like the reference section of a library, reputable, of substance and to be looked after.

In my case however, I sway between the two blogging styles. Lashings of paragraphs peeter out into building block columns of photographs and images. This is because I often feel my words give no merit or meaning to anything worth while. I sometimes think that anyone reading my entries will have found it a waste of their time and this is when my posts become pictures.

The photo posts are quick ways to express ideas, thoughts, views in my head. This does not always work in my favour as I have no idea how to change the html layout of my blog and there fore the far right of some images are cut off, sorry about this. I'm sure the left of the pictures still translate what I was trying to convey in the first place. But with no text what do they say? Do they communicate what they mean to me? Probably not.

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