Saturday, October 24, 2009


Are any of you aware of Luxirare? It's a very well designed and slick blog. Luxirare is spilt categorically down the middle one half dedicated to fashion, the other to food. and We're not talking about any old Comme Des Garcons for H&M and Ben & Jerry's food and fashion. We're not even talking about blogger cliches like Rick Owens garms and really expensive french pastries that come in boxes. We are talking about food and fashion that costs as much as a mortgage, is as unattainable as being re-born into the royal family, has the preparation time of a full term pregnancy and requires a laboratory and a science degree rather than a kitchen and a cook book.

Luxirare herself seems lovely and is no doubt very, very talented, not to mention patient, going by her replies to her readers comments. However I find the whole thing a bit self-absorbed and narcissistic.

The fashion section is purely images of her in her white studio in garments that drag with them a hefty price tag like a ball and chain. So how the fuck does she have all these outfits at her disposal? Designer one offs, the most limited of limited edition rages, archived pieces, couture. Who is she?

I'm not jealous. No really I'm not. I feel very at ease spouting green envy like pasta boiling over on a stove. But on this occasion I am neither jealous or enamoured. I am in fact bored. Bored by someone reeling off countless labels adorned on their skinny frame and wanting me to be envious. Sorry love, I'm the type of gal that hopes one day I will shed the chains of poverty in able to shop from the 'finest' ranges in the supermarket without feeling enormous guilt. I have no ideas of grandeur.

A comment left by ANONYMOUS at 09/09/2009 11:27 am in response to the post 'Bento Box'. It reads:

You probably get that a lot, and you probably love it.

It's the "and you probably love it" bit that kinda backs up my point.

Image: Luxirare

I don't feel her fashion posts take on any great depth. They seem to belong to the barrage of images that sport a very cliched, yet accurate, style that was pionered by fashion bloggers. (Queen Michelle of fashion blog Kingdom of Style comments briefly on this in her post 'Reigned In') Nor do they seem to evoke any passion. All they say to me is "I enjoy being a clothes horse". In that case, trot on.

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