Wednesday, September 16, 2009

S H O E . P O R N

I love shoes to a sickening degree, but not as much as this. There is loads of this crap on youtube. It find this stuff hilarious. It's so harmless and banal, not shocking or taboo. In particular Imelda as Gas Mask Girl, skip forward to 2:00 of her video.

Anyway this is my favourite video. Whoever this Imelda chick is, she seems pretty stylish and is far the most gracious when walking in ballet heels. The red patent of the shoes against the matt duck egg blue paintwork is a beautiful contrast and makes the whole image seem more sophisticated than other videos. TV on in the background, plug points behind her, trailing wires, beaten up floor boards. It makes the whole experience seem normal, and finally cut to her walking the dogs. If this is normality then I've found home.

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