Friday, September 4, 2009


Fashion designer Katie Gallagher. I lost this link and have just unearthed it from trawling through my internet history scrolling through many months.

One question I must ask though, who the fuck has been visitng Gaydar on my laptop I wonder! CLUE: there is also a buyers form for SS10 Vivenne Westwood jewellery saved in my downloads. Who could it be?** Note the patronising tone of sarcasm.

Anyway back to Katie. This is her modeling her own garments and when you look at her work, especially her SS08 collection, the thought behind the designs and delivery of the collection seems other wordly. She seems to be her own muse and I don't blame her. She's stunning and talented.

**ANSWER: Sen (you little snake!)

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Miss Eco Glam said...

she is gorgeous and talented! what a fab look she has