Friday, January 30, 2009


Yes, yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome! I never care about birthdays but seeing as it was my 21st I took full advantage.

The other intern in the office burst in serenading me with 'happy birthday' and a chocolate birthday breakfast muffin which came with candles! So yummy! My boss also got me a chocolate cake and I ate nothing but all day!

Left work and did something very naughty... Instead of going straight to Primarni like I promised myself I tried on the matt black Sass & Bide rat leggings in Behave in Soho and instantly fell in love with them. But they are £100 I just do not have!

I've pissed everyone off all week with my 'what-should-i-wear' drama meltdown. I bought 4 different black dresses for the occasion and Captain Morgan helped with the process of ilimination. The nominees were...

Grey Zipper strapless bodycon dress - H&M

Black Shiny Ruffle dress - H&M

Black Matt Lame Ice Skating dress - American Apparel
((only cause Megan nicked it))

Black Long Sleeve U-neck dress - American Apparel

This new dress was introduced to black hold up's and my new black boots (which are going back to the shop today but that is another post). They all became outfit pals and off we trotted.

Woke this morning with a rum headache and watched Eastenders.

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