Thursday, January 17, 2013


Ah, classic! The free-run of the 80's. These Reeboks first hit the tarmac in 1983 and became instantaneously popular within British street wear through to the 90's.

Much loved by geezers, casuals, the beautiful Burberry clad Mike Skinner and, as the Arctic Monkeys would have us believe, chav's not only here but also across the pond. American rapper Soulja Slim adopted these as his preferred footwear of choice causing Reebok's sales to increase dramatically in the New Orleans area. And anyone who rocked gold teeth and a camo bucket hat prior to 2003 knows his shit!

These days though you're more likely to find these gathering dust on the shelves of Sports Direct.

"Has is come to this?" - The Streets

Apparently so, Mike.

With this great travesty fresh in our minds, and pay day merely a fortnight away, I ask you to dig deep into the pockets of those leather sleeved varsity jackets of yours and find 30 quid to get these back on your feet, and back on the streets.

I thank you.

Image by Number Six


Mat said...

is that how much they are these days? cheap. wouldn't wear them but they look fresh in the image

My name is JR said...

Well they start around that for my size 4.5 feet. I think the guys ones pictured come in just under fiddy. No idea what I'd wear them with but they make a welcome change to all those Nikes.