Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'd started to get a slight muscle strain in my lower back, stomach and groin. The x-rays showed that instead of my back being straight it bends slightly to my left side. The doctor said that this was not a new injury and that I probably damaged it years ago or I was born with it. I'm pretty sure it's the result of years if carrying around bags on my left arm. You've all witnessed me and my IKEA bag specials on the tube home from work. I blame the oversized bag trend. Those basards should have come with a health warning. Anyway I'm no longer allowed to mix cement and my spade has been replaced with a paintbrush.

Second hand clothes here are amazing. Literally large shed style markets with no roofs that double up as peoples living rooms on the side of busy, dirty streets full of forgotten clothes. Usually a family are sat in the middle on stools eating chicken and rice and drinking chicha (a drink made of purple corn).

There is one stall I have bceome quite attached to as the family who live there enchant me. The clothes are so cheap I feel I´m stealing however I make a point of always trying to buy something when I pass by.

Tonight is our first Peruvian dance class. From what we have seen at previous fiestas we are all rather nervous. Lots of grinding and hittng each other with balloons. We shall see.

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