Thursday, July 29, 2010

C O M P L E X . S A L E

Spotted this on Tommy Tonn's Twitter feed.

Complex Geometries one day secret sale

40% of everything when you quote 'onedaysale' at online checkout.

All sales are final, no refunds.

There was one of his lovely photographs to go along side this exciting price slashing news however blogging from an iPod touch that has fallen out of love with it's charger is proving difficult. As is it's automatic spellcheck this being the third time I have edited this post after publishing it to the blog.

This is all down to my laptop dying in my arms the other night. Can hardware technology commit suicide? I'm sure I saw a fine art exhibition years ago that confirmmed so, no?


gaylie said...

Don't kid yourself about the laptop you killed it through sheer neglect ... its a scary insight to you as a mother.

Jess said...

Neglect? Certainly not. I'd make a wonderful mother, I nuture that thing more than myself. However it was getting old, so watch what I do with you when you get old.

I jest.