Monday, May 17, 2010

D E A R . G O D

This morning I said a prayer.

I haven't spoken to god since I was a kid when I prayed not to be sent to Sunday School. He delivered, I never went again after that second week.

But this morning I decided to hit up the big guy (gal?) to repent and ask a selfish request

"Dear God,
my actions on Saturday night were foolish and I repent.
I understand why you took away my right Alexander McQueen shoe,
leaving me only the left, but I feel this punishment is unjust.
I beg of you to forgive and return my beloved right shoe to me.
I ask that Addison Lee return my call and say that I left in
their vehicle. Dear God, please also bless Yasmin and Jarina
for not leaving me in the middle of London paraletic,
- Amen"

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