Saturday, March 7, 2009

Someone asked...

Someone asked me what my dream outfit would be if budget was no hindrance.

"As much Balmain AW09 as I could possibly fit onto my body, and then some.

Marc by Marc Jacobs AW09 black tulip show coat.

Giles black suede AW09 crotch-high boots.

SS09 Masion Martin Margiela soft nude leather and black chiffon clutch.

The 'Svetlana' headband in black by Benoit Missolin.

A 'Nerd Bunny' ring by The Apple Tree.

A pair of the 'Estelle Blanche Classic' puff sleeve gloves in black by Gloved Up.

And a pair of vintage sunglasses from Zone 7 boutique."

1 comment:

Fashion Minute said...

"Giles black suede AW09 crotch-high boots."

Oh God, Y E S.

They are phenomenal. The higher the better!