Sunday, February 1, 2009


After sprinting round central London and getting my mum to help me call every single Office store in the UK I got my boots...

They reminded me of the Doc Martens I used to have as a kid. My fist pair were electric blue with red tartan laces. There were various shades and combinations which came after my first pair that I can't remember now. It also brought back memories of my ska phase I went through when I was about 14. Symarip, The Specials, Prince Buster, my long Chelsea style hair cut. Sadly no old pictures but it looked a bit like the birds from 'This Is England'.

They go with everything! Shiny leggings, my Mohair coat, jeans... Even some of my Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses. I dug out my braces and and Charlotte's leather jacket (which I had up until yesterday on a 2 year loan).

This was short lived. The first night I wore them they ripped. The leather actually ripped from the base of the tounge to the sole. Do I keep them and work ripped as part of the look or do I take them back?

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